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Bros Express Policies

Policies effective February 4th,2022


Bros Express lawn care services start May 1st through Oct 15th, weather permitting. Bros Express is willing to skip a weekly cut that is not necessary provided we have been notified by the customer 24 hours in advance. Customers that choose to skip a weekly cut should keep in mind that; should a lawn be allowed to grow more than an "average week's" growth, the customer will be billed for a bi-weekly cut.

We would like to provide you with the best lawn care possible. Customers who own pets, must have their pets "picked-up-after". Excessive pet debris that is not picked up prevents our crews from providing you with a proper cut. On this circumstance, at our discretion, your cut will be skipped and you will be billed for the service call.


Bros Express will make every attempt to schedule your service, usually the day before your normal garbage day. Clippings will be left curbside if you do not have City refuse/black bins or if this bin has not been left available to us. If we are unable to accommodate your service the day before you garbage day or if weather/holidays change our service date; the clippings will be left at your designated garbage area. During spring and fall services when there is excessive debris removed from your lawn, please note that we will take the clippings with us for an additional fee.


Bros Express sends its crews out within two hours from the time it has stopped snowing, where residential bylaws allow. We will only send crews out if it has snowed 5 cm or more, and your snow will be cleared within 24hours of cessation of snowfall, usually within 12 hours. Customers who choose to remove their own snow prior to their regular service call must inform Bros Express during regular business hours, or they will be billed for the service.

Please read our Snow Removal & Policies document for further information on snow removal services.

Residential Snow Removal Contract & Policies 2022

To our valued customer:

Residential Snow Removal Contract & Policies 2022 After an event with greater than 5cm or 2 Inch accumulation or more of snowfall, Bros Express shall clear the snow from the Driveway and designated walkways, including all city walkways, unless otherwise stated below. The snow clearing will be completed within 24 hours from the time it stops snowing, usually within 12 hrs of cessation of snowfall.

***In the event that it snows on Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, snow clearing will be delayed to the following day. It is the responsibility of the property owner to clear the snow and/or provide ice melt when required for any events with snow less than 5cm of snow fall accumulation, blowing snow, as well as any melting snow or freezing rain, or melt/freeze temperatures causing ice. Removal of excessive build-up of hardened snow or ice due to failure to remove snow less than 5cm will result in additional charges. If there is an additional need for services in these cases, please contact our office on an “as needed basis” and we will do our best to help you as required in these instances.

“Very Heavy and Continuous Snowstorm”

During a heavy and continuous snowfall, we shall remove the snow on one occasion during the storm and on one further occasion at the end of the storm, ONCE PER DAY. In the event of a severe storm (10cm or more), Bros Express will do it’s best to meet the 24-hour deadline of service. In this situation, it is known that due to storm conditions, more time is required to complete our routes. Please ensure that there are no obstacles in the areas to be cleared. This includes landscape lighting and extension cords. We are not responsible for damage to items covered in snow. Contractor also assumes no liability for any injury resulting from a slip and fall due to ice buildup, due to melting snow, freezing rain, or snow run off. Monthly package or monthly charge is non-refundable and due at the beginning of each month on the 1st. Minimum monthly contract is 5 months. Please contact our office for pricing on less than full Season programs. CANCELLATION OF SERVICES: IN SUCH CASE AS WHERE THERE IS A DISPUTE WITH SERVICES, WRITTEN NOTICE IS TO BE RECEIVED BY HEAD OFFICE BY THE 1ST OF THE MONTH, PRIOR TO THE MONTH OF CANCELLATION. FAILURE TO PROVIDE PROPER NOTICE WILL RESULT IN A CANCELLATION FEE EQUAL TO ONE MONTH'S SNOW REMOVAL FEE. MONTHLY SNOW REMOVAL CONTRACT: MINIMUM 5 MONTH TERM. - You can sign up for a monthly SNOW REMOVAL program with a fee as low as $169.00/month: Basic package: Front only, up to a 2 car length driveway, (fits only 2 car max), front city sidewalk, and sidewalk to the front door. The advantage of this program is that it allows you to budget your monthly fees for snow removal over the season. Additional charges will apply for corner lots, larger driveways exceeding two car lengths & additional requests into the back yard or back lane. (Please contact our office for additional packages available). The Snow Removal Service includes monthly snow removal, regardless of zero or number of snow falls in the month. Again, this is based on 5 cm or more accumulation, only one visit per 24-hour period. (Min.5 month contract, ie: November 1 st to March 31st etc…). - This package is great for any customer on a fixed budget, and you don’t have to worry about having extra charges for heavy snowfalls or too many snowfalls in any given month that may blow the budget. - Optional contract extensions to include the month of October or April are always given as an option only if service is still required. We hire enough staff to ensure your snow is removed within a 24-hour period and in most cases within 12 hours of cessation of snowfall. The reason we don’t send the crews out until it has stopped snowing, is so our customers do not have to pay for 2 service calls, in the same 24-hour period. However, during storms and heavy continuous snow fall (10cm+), we will send crews out before it stops snowing so you are able to get your car in and out of the driveway, again once per 24-hour period. Please note: In the event that it snows on Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day, snow removal will be delayed to the following day. Bros Express is a family orientated Company and we feel our employee’s time with family is important too.

Thank you in advance for understanding and we look forward to Serving You!