Bros Express

Lawn Care & Snow Removal

Power Raking & Spring Clean-Up


Start the growing season off right by giving your yard our Power Rake / Spring cleanup service. Our crew here at Bros Express start off by using Back Pack Blowers to blow out Winter Debris and Leaf's from your flower beds, fence and deck lines. Note flower beds with Bark Mulch or Wood Chips can only be lightly blown to avoid blowing out the Mulch or Chips.

We then go over your lawn with a Power Rake removing the upper layer of thatch, this allows your lawn to breathe and for water and Fertilizer to get down to the soil and not just be absorbed by the thatch layer.

Next we hand rake the lawn, bag up all the debris and thatch.

The last step is to give your lawn its first cut and trim this also allows the mowers to suck up all the fine debris leaving your lawn with a fresh and clean look.

This is the best time to over seed your lawn since the Power Rake has exposed the soil were the grass seed needs to be to germinate. Please note that Power Rakes do not scratch up dead spots from pets this has to be done by hand and is a separate service.